The largest NGO in Lithuania, which unifies national youth organizations and municipality youth organization councils.

LiJOT Activities


Working due to every young person since 1992!


is declared as the Year of lithuanian youth because of LiJOT’s and PLJS’s suggestions.


non-governmental youth and youth work based organizations.


years working for young people and with young people!

Youth are not only the future.

Youth are the present.

Celebrate youth now!

LIJOT is a platform for discussions, working towards relevant changes for young people.

The largest NGO in Lithuania

At this moment, LiJOT unifies 70 non-governmental 70 youth organizations and organizations that work with young people, which is over thousands of young people in Lithuania.

Our Membership in Different Organizations

LiJOT is an active member of the largest European non-governmental youth organization – the European Youth Forum. This organization seeks to defend European youth interests and to encourage young people to involve themselves more actively in society. At the European Youth Forum, along with all other national European youth groups, LiJOT represents the interests of more than 10 million young people across this continent.

Our Activity Direction

From 2019-2023, LiJOT orients its activities towards information-based representation of young people and youth organizations as well as the formation of youth policy, the strengthening between the internal cooperation and members The development of LiJOT and an increase of youth power.