Eurodesk is a European youth information network, which operates in 37 countries and provides free information for young people and youth workers. The mission of Eurodesk is to provide information about mobility programs (studies, internships, work, volunteering, youth exchanges, etc.) in Lithuania and across the world. Also, it is Eurodesk’s mission to spread information on topics relevant to young people. 

In Lithuania, the Lithuanian Youth Organization (LiJOT) has been coordinating Eurodesk activity since 2004. The Eurodesk Lithuania network is made up of 39 regional representatives (the list of representatives and contacts can be found here), who provide both live and virtual consultations on mobility topics, and can travel to present the Eurodesk network and youth opportunities at regional events or even organize these events themselves. The Eurodesk Lithuania network is also made up of volunteers (the list and contacts can be found here) who talk to their peers about youth opportunities as well as organizing interesting youth activities on topics of mobility. 

The Eurodesk Lithuania network manages the portal, where you can find up-to-date and quality information on topics relevant to young people (leisure, work, studying abroad, youth organizations, international volunteering, studying opportunities, etc.). The portal also has an “Ask” section where you can receive an answer to your relevant question for young people within 3 working days! Eurodesk Lithuania and work to answer all the questions relevant to young people! A young person who #Knows everything is #capable of anything!

Eurodesk Lithuania also coordinates the “Žinau viską” network of young journalists (you can find a list and contacts of them right here) who write articles, make videos, go on visits and improve their journalism skills. There is also a show online called “Discussions with (not) young people” about young people and their interesting life adventures!

Eurodesk Lithuania social media networks: Facebook and Instagram

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Eurodesk Lithuania’s activities are funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.