Campaign “Man Ne Dzin”

“Man Ne Dzin” (MND) is an informational campaign focused on youth citizenship, which encourages young people in Lithuania to actively participate in civil life, express their views, and become active citizens of Lithuania as well as strengthening young people’s perception of their capabilities in society. “Man Ne Dzin” does not seek to promote or support any particular political parties or political figures, and instead highlights the importance of interest and engagement. “Man Ne Dzin” also seeks to provide young people with basic information about democratic processes in the country, as well as directly meeting with decision-makers to give young people the opportunity to make educated and thoughtful decisions about their candidates. 

During the 2012 elections, the percentage of people aged 18-30 who voted was only 18%, while the percentage within the same demographic grew to a record 37.8% during the 2016 parliamentary elections. These trends indicate that more than half of young people in Lithuania do not participate in the election process. Experience has shown that the electoral process is too complicated for young people, and the information provided does not relevantly meet the needs of young people. 

As many as three elections were held in 2019, and people showed up to ballot boxes three or four times! We reached the record percentage for young people’s turnout when as many as 46% came to ballot boxes during the presidential elections and referendums! 

In three months, we have posted more than 100 messages on our social media networks, and they have reached over 500,000 people, and these numbers were made possible by as many as 15 of the initiative’s partners. 

Together with the news portal, we created the largest citizenship “party”, the “Citizenship exam”. Within 12 hours, as many as 3700 had taken the exam, and 157 answered all the questions correctly! 

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