EU Youth Conference in Vilnius!

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EU Youth Conferences are joint events organised by the Team Presidency countries with the support of the European Commission and the European Youth Forum, where representatives of national authorities, the European Commission, youth delegates as well as representatives from International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations and the European Youth Forum discuss themes connected to social inclusion together. In order to reflect and reinforce the European dimension of the Structured Dialogue process, INGYO delegates and European Youth Forum representatives should be invited at each EU Youth Conference. The EU Youth Conferences will facilitate direct input to policy-making at EU level as well as the direct dialogue between young people and policy-makers, leading to tangible outcomes. To this end, joint workshops are the main working method to be used during the conferences. The European Steering Committee will explore ways to enhance the dialogue discussions between young people and decision-makers at EU Youth Conferences.

Lithuanian priorities on Youth

The overall thematic priority for European cooperation in the youth field for the period 1 January
2013 - 30 June 2014 will be social inclusion of young people.

During the Lithuanian Presidency, the following issues will be highlighted:
•    Enhancing the social inclusion of young people, with particular emphasis on young people not in employment, education and training (NEETs);
•    Promoting cross-sectorial cooperation as the underlying principle of integral youth policy;
•    Exchanging good practices on social inclusion of young people;
•    Promoting cooperation in the youth policy field between young people from European Union and Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries.



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